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How to Build a 3D Model Sports Car Dec 29, 2015

Making a 3d Sports car scale model is an activity you can do with CAD programs. These programs have tools for building simple 3D objects, which you can assemble and shape into more complex objects. In learning to make a sports car, you'll be learning these other skills essential to 3D model making in general: navigating in two and three dimensional space; rotating, scaling, and moving objects; and editing the component parts of objects.

Sports Car Scale Model


1. Get an image file of a sports car, ensuring the file is in a common format such as JPEG, PNG, or BMP.


2. Open your CAD program and select its viewport, then create a plane object whose dimensions match those of the sports car image.


3. Open the program's material editor, which has tools for selecting colors and textures for 3D objects.


4. Load the sports car image into one of the material editor's slots, and then apply the slot to the plane object.


5. Apply the lock or freeze function of your program to the plane object to disable further editing of the plane. This is necessary to insure accurate tracing of the car's image.

Select the line tool and apply it to create a line that traces the outline of the car. Do not trace over the wheels, which you'll add in separately.


6. Insure that your completed line is closed, meaning that its last point connects to its first. This is necessary to convert the 2D car image into the car object.


7. Apply the extrude tool to the car's outline, and adjust the extrusion amount until the car's width reaches a plausible size. (Extrusion is the modeling process used to stretch 2D shapes into 3D surfaces.)


8. Create a cylinder object sized to and positioned at any of the car's wheels. Create three duplicates of that wheel and position them inside the remaining three wheel wells.


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